Instructions for Authors

The International Journal of Computers and Their Applications is published multiple times a year with the purpose of providing a forum for state-of-the-art developments and research in the theory and design of computers, as well as current innovative activities in the applications of computers. In contrast to other journals, this journal focuses on emerging computer technologies with emphasis on the applicability to real world problems. Current areas of particular interest include, but are not limited to: architecture, networks, intelligent systems, parallel and distributed computing, software and information engineering, and computer applications (e.g., engineering, medicine, business, education, etc.).   All papers are subject to peer review before selection.

A.    Procedure for Submission of a Technical Paper for Consideration

  1. Email your manuscript to the Editor-in-Chief, Professor Fred Harris,
  2. Illustrations should be high quality (originals unnecessary).
  3. Enclose a separate page (or include in the email message) the preferred author and address for correspondence.  Also, please include email, telephone, and fax information should further contact be needed.
  4. Note: Papers shorter than 8 single-spaced pages will be returned.
B.      Manuscript Style:
  1. The text should be double-spaced (12 point or larger), single column and single-sided on 8.5 X 11 inch pages.
  2. An informative abstract of 100-250 words should be provided.
  3. At least 5 keywords following the abstract describing the paper topics.
  4. References (alphabetized by first author) should appear at the end of the paper, as follows: author(s), first initials followed by last name, title in quotation marks, periodical, volume, inclusive page numbers, month and year. 
  5. Figures should be captioned and referenced.

C.     Submission of Accepted Manuscripts

  1. The final complete paper (with abstract, figures, tables, and key words) satisfying Section B above in MS Word format should be submitted to the Editor-in-Chief.
  2. The submission may be on a CD/DVD or as an email attachment(s). The following electronic files should be included:
  3. Specify on the CD/DVD label or in the email  the word processor and version used, along with the title of the paper.
  4. Authors are asked to sign an ISCA copyright form (, indicating that they are transferring the copyright to ISCA or declaring the work to be government-sponsored work in the public domain. Also, letters of permission for inclusion of non-original materials are required.

Publication Charges

After a manuscript has been accepted for publication, the contact author will be invoiced a publication charge of $50.00 USD per page (in the final IJCA two-column format) to cover part of the cost of publication.  For ISCA members, publication charges for the first two pages will be waived; publication charges are required.


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