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VOLUME 20, NO. 3, September 2013                       

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Guest Editor's Note
Les Miller



The Associative Directed Mining of Big Data for Creative Decision Support
Stuart H. Rubin



An Electronic Hydraulic Braking Based Driver Assistance System Using Support Vector Machines
Shoutao Li, Yongxue Ma, Xinglong Pei, and Gordon Lee



Towards Analyzing Data to Find Nearest Neighbors
Yong Shi
  A Learning Software Tool on Genetics Statistics
Baoying Wang and Marietta F. Wright
  Cloud Computing Software to Simplify HVAC Operational Performance Analysis
Bernt A. Askildsen, Charles Tolle, and Lance Weaver
  A Novel DVR Based Multicast Routing Protocol with Hierarchical Pruning
Sindoora Koneru, Bidyut Gupta, and Narayan Debnath

VOLUME 20, NO. 2, June 2013                       

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Trustworthy and Dynamic Mobile Task Scheduling in Data-Intensive Scientific Workflow Environments
Zijiang Yang, Shiyong Lu, Ping Yang, and Andrey Kashlev



DDS: A Formal Framework and a Software Tool to Extract Object- Oriented Design State Space and Syntax-Based Metrics
Raouf Alomainy and Wei Li
  Search Context Awareness in Several Ant Colony Optimization Models
Ashraf M. Abdelbar and Donald C. Wunsch II
  Knowledgeable Multi-Agent System for E-Commerce (KMASE) using Fuzzy C-Means Clustering and Case Based Reasoning
Pooja Jain and Deepak Dahiya
  Advanced Mobile Applications for Law Enforcement
Matthew York, Matthew Hudnall, and Kenneth G. Ricks

VOLUME 20, NO. 1, March 2013                       

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Editor's Note
Frederick C Harris, Jr.



Parallel Dynamic Fraud Detection on Market Basket Data
Baoying Wang, and Aijuan Dong
  Geospatial Data Mining on Education Indicators of Bangladesh
Mridul Khan, A. K. M. Zahiduzzaman, Mohammed Nahyan Quasem, and Rashedur M. Rahman
  A Linear Programming Approach for Scheduling Divisible Real-Time Workloads
Suriayati Chuprat, and Saiful Amri Mazlan
  A Bare PC Mass Storage USB Driver
Ramesh K. Karne, Songjie Liang, Alexander L. Wijesinha, and Patrick Appiah-Kubi
  An Economic Model for Resource Adaptation in 2D Mesh Multicomputer Networks
Ayoub Alsarhan, Emad E. Abdallah, Ibrahim Al-Oqily, and Alaa Eddien Abdallah
  Sufficient Statistics for Re-Optimizing Repetitive Queries
Feng Yu, Wen-Chi Hou, Michael Wainer, and Cheng Luo

VOLUME 19, NO. 4, December 2012                       

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Editor's Note




EZAcess: The Architecture and Protocols of an Easy Data Access and Collaboration Model
Li Gao, Jingyuan Zhang, and Danyang Zhang
  Robust Real Time Drowsy Eye Detection System
Ahmed Emam
  Design of an Efficient Hybrid Crypto-Processor
Jianzhou Li, Hua Li, and Wei Dong
  A Dynamic Task-Mapping Algorithm for Bag-of-Tasks Applications on Grids
Tarek Hagras
  A Decision-Support System for the Saudi Ministry of Higher Education
Abdulkader A. Alfantookh, Hussam M. Ramadan, Alaa Eldin M. Hafez, Mourad A. Ykhlef, Ahmad J. AlShibli, and Mourad A. Benchikh
  Business Intelligence Process Metrics Specification: An Information Flow Approach
Rajeev Kaula

VOLUME 19, NO. 3, September 2012                       

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A Mathematical and Computational Model for Simulating Complex Dynamic Cancer Growth and Metastasis
Marc Colangelo, Miroslav Lovric, and Johathan R. Stone

  Efficient Bit Reversal Algorithms in Parallel Computers
Rami A. Al Na’mneh, Khalid A. Darabkh, and Iyad F. Jafar
  Automatic Fuzzy Algorithms for Reliable Image Segmentation
Sultan Aljahdali and E. A. Zanaty
  A Discrete Optimization Problem for Benchmarking Heuristic Algorithms Targeted for Digital Filter Design
Seppo J. Ovaska and David A. Shilane
  Multi-Layer Task Graph Clustering for Mapping and Scheduling onto Embedded Systems
Bassel R. Arafeh
  A Generating Function Approach to Network Analysis
Bruce Scott Elenbogen and John Frederick Fink

VOLUME 19, NO. 2, June 2012                       

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Guest Editor's Note




A Hidden Markov Model Approach to Identifying Novel Functional Modules in Biological Networks
Kris Sankaran and Siva Sankaran

  Boolean Models of Regulatory Networks: The Predecessor Problem
Johannes Georg Klotz, Steffen Schober, and Martin Bossert
  Evaluation of Sustained Stochastic Oscillations by Means of a System of Differential Equations
Jorge Júlvez, Marta Kwiatkowska, Gethin Norman, and David Parker
  Analysis and Performance Evaluation of Parallel BLAST
Juliana C. Correa and Gabriel P. Silva
  Similarity and Prioritization of Disease Proteins using GO Annotations
Anurag Nagar and Hisham Al-Mubaid
  Sparse Representation Based Clustering for Integrated Analysis of Gene Copy Number Variation and Gene Expression Date
Hongbao Cao, Junbo Duan, Dongdong Lin, and Yu-Ping Wang

VOLUME 19, NO. 1, March 2012                       

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Use of Favorite Goal in Agent Based Modeling and Simulation
Sharad Sharma

  A Bare Machine Application Development Methodology
Gholam H. Khaksari, Ramesh K. Karne, and Alexander L. Wijesinha
  GULv3 - A Novel Tool for Network Managers to Audit Networks
Robert F. Erbacher and Rian Shelley
  DCT Based Robust Image Watermarking Scheme using Adaptive Quantization Index Modulation and Genetic Algorithm
K. Ramanjaneyulu nad K. Rajarajeswari
  User-Directed, Cluster-Based Retrieval for Large Document Collections in Highly Parallel Environments
Petros Belsis, Charalampos Konstantopoulos, Basilis Mamalis, Grammati Pantziou, and Christos Skourlas
  General Loop Fusion Technique with Improved Timing Performance and Minimal Code Size
Meilin Liu, Qingfeng Zhuge, Chun Xue, and Edwin H.-M. Sha

VOLUME 18, NO. 4, December 2011                       

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Guest Editors' Notes



  Gordon Lee, Fei Hu, and Frederick C. Harris, Jr.


Placement Tool Dedicated for a Via-Programmable Logic Device VPEX
Masaya Yoshikawa and Takeshi Fujino

  Fault Tolerance of Node Failures in a Stochastic Localization Algorithm
for Wireless Sensor Networks
Andrea I. Lincoln and Ying Wei Lin
  Watermarking of Space Curves using Wavelet Decomposition
R. C. Motwani, M. C. Motwani, and F. C. Harris, Jr.
  A New Wavelet Information-Theoretic Approach for Image Fusion
Clyde Shavers and Robert Li
  Minimum Data Aggregation Schedule in Wireless Sensor Networks
Min Kyung An, Nhat X. Lam, D. T. Huynh, and Trac N. Nguyen
  Multi-Resolution Deformation in Out-of-Core Terrain Rendering
William E. Brandstetter III, Joseph D. Mahsman, Cody J. White,
Sergiu M. Dascalu, and Frederick C. Harris, Jr.
  Index 273

VOLUME 18, NO. 3, September 2011                       

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Editor’s Note



  Dunren “Daren” Che


Guest Editorial:  Scientific Workflows, Provenance and Their Applications
Artem Chebotko, Yogesh Simmhan, and Paolo Missier

  Kepler Scientific Workflow Design and Execution with Contexts
Anne Hee Ngu, Arwa Jamnagarwala, George Chin Jr.,
Chandrika Sivaramakrishnan and Terence Critchlow
  Model Checking Approach to Secure Host Access Enforcement of
Mobile Tasks in Scientific Workflows
Zijiang Yang, Shiyong Lu, Ping Yang, and Fahima Amin Bhuyan
  A Data Model for Analyzing User Collaborations in Workflow-Drivin e-Science
Ilkay Altintas, Manish K. Anand, Trung N. Vuong, Shawn Bowers,
Ludäscher, and Peter M. A. Sloot
  Using Provenance for Personalized Quality Ranking of Scientific Datasets
Yogesh Simmhan and Beth Plale
  Querying Provenance Information in Distributed Environments
Jing Zhao, Yogesh Simmhan, Karthik Gomadam, and Viktor Prasanna

VOLUME 18, NO. 2, June 2011                       

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Programming Embedded Computing Systems Using Static Embedded SQL
Lubomir Stanchev

  Efficient Registration of Range Images Using Wavelet Features
Bayumy B. A. Youssef, W. M. Sheta, and M. A. Abdou
  Optimal Migration Policies of Mobile Agents for Information Gathering
Atsushi Inoie
  Adopting the Information Contained by Outliers in the Modeling Process
Zhiwei Xu, Yi Liu, and Yongning Tang
  Transforming Synchronous Data-Flow Graphs to Reduce Execution Time
Timothy W. O’Neil, Samer F. Khasawneh, Michael E. Richter, and Rama K. Pullaguntla
  Synthesis of Easily Testable AND-EXOR Networks
Debatosh Debnath

VOLUME 18, NO. 1, March 2011                       

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Resizable Multidimensional Arrays
Bei Li, Tatsuo Tsuji, Ken Higuchi

  Two Decades of Smart Environment Projects - A Research Survey
Michael A. McNees, Kenneth G. Ricks
  Parallel ICA Algorithms
Amr E. Mohamed, Reda A. Ammar, and Medhat H A Awadalla
  A Context and Service-Oriented Architecture with Adaptive Quality of Service Support
Dina Hafez, Sherif G. AIy, Ahmed Sameh
  Differential Drive Robot Model, Simulation, and Verification
Brooks E. Latta, Kenneth G. Ricks, James H. Graham

VOLUME 17, NO. 4, December 2010                       

Table of Contents    


Guest Editor’s Note



  Dunren “Daren” Che


Sentiment Analysis of Surveys using Both Numeric Ratings and Text Comments
Gongzhu Hu

  Adaptive Fuzzy Inference for Edge Detection Using Compander Functions and Linear Fitness Function Transformations
Gordon K. Lee and Edward Grant
  Cancer Classification Based on DNA Microarray Data Using Cosine Transformation and Vector Quantization
Ahmad M. Sarhan
  Data Broadcast Scheduling With Multiple Channels
Ziping Liu and Bidyut Gupta
  Modeling an Adaptable Memory Controller
Gary Thorpe and Nagi Mekhiel
  SOM with Vulture Fest Model Discovers Feral Malware and Visually Profiles the Security of Subnets
Chet Langin, Dunren Che, Michael Wainer, and Shahram Rahimi
  Self-Protection against Attacks in an Autonomic Computing Environment
Guangzhi Qu, Osamah A. Rawashdeh, and Dunren Che
  Index 257

VOLUME 17, NO. 3, September 2010                       

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Improvement of Real-Time Job Completion Using Residual Time-Based (RTB) Scheduling
Sarah Tasneem, Reda Ammar, Lester Lipsky, and Howard Sholl

  Feature Fusion for Automated Visual Inspection of Flat Surface Products
A. S. Tolba, H. A. Khan, and Hazem M. Raafat
  Modified SACO Algorithm for Productive Emergence
Aruna Anand and Gautam B. Singh
  A Novel Task Allocation Protocol in Agent Organizations and Its Application to Health Care Problems
Dayong Ye, Minjie Zhang, Quan Bai, and Khin Than Win
  Rough Set Genetic Programming
Yasser Fouad Hassan
  Design and Evaluation of a Spatial Extension of TinyDB for Wireless Sensor Networks
Paolina Di Felice, Massimo Ianni, and Luigi Pomante

VOLUME 17, NO. 2, June 2010                       

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On-Line Single Event Upset Detection and Correction in Field Programmable Gate Array Configuration Memories
Bradley F. Dutton and Charles E. Stroud

  Overhead Reduction for an Off-the-Shelf Real-Time Operating System
Smita S. Potdar and Kenneth G. Ricks
  Optimizing Reconfigurable Hardware Resource Usage in System-on- a-Programmable-Chip with Location-Aware Genetic Algorithm
Sin Ming Loo and JingXia Wang
  Case Study of Finite Resource Optimization in FPGA using Genetic Algorithm
JingXia Wang and Sin Ming Loo
  Design of Optimal Fault-Tolerant VLSI Systolic Array
Chang N. Zhang and Hua Li
  A New Digital Signature Scheme Based on Integer Factoring and Discrete Logarithm Problem
Mustafa Al-Fayoumi, Sattar J. Aboud and Mohammad Al-Fayoumi

VOLUME 17, NO. 1, March 2010                       

Table of Contents    


Editor's Note





DAVYD:  An Iterative Density-Based Approach for Clusters with VarYing Densities
Baoying Wang, Imad Rahal, and William Perrizo

  Fuzzy Approach for Predicting Probability of Reaching a Target in a Battlefield Environment
Sharad Sharma
  A Novel Watermarking Scheme for Blind Objective Image Quality Assessment
Wei Dong, Yang Wang, Hua Li, and Chang-Nian Zhang
  A Novel Hybrid Model for Content Based Mammogram Image Retrieval
T. Justin Jose and P. Mythili
  Secure Internet-Based SCADA for Monitoring and Control of Industrial Processes
Sandip C. Patel, Jeffery L. Hieb, and James H. Graham
  Simulating Web Domains Using Graph Models
Rong A. Yang and Adel S. Elmaghraby

VOLUME 16, NO. 4, December 2009                       

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Editor's Note





Arabic Text Classification Using Support Vector Machines
Tarek Fouad Gharib, Mena Badieh Habib, and Zaki Taha Fayed

  Modeling and Verification of Reactive Systems Using STATEMATE
and Event B
Leila Jemni Ben Ayed and Ahlem Ben Younes
  An Innovative Contribution to Flexible Query Through the Fusion of
Conceptual Clustering, Fuzzy Logic, and Formal Concept Analysis
Amel Grissa Touzi, Minyar Sassi, and Habib Ounelli
  Aspects of Z Order
Kirk Scott
  Reliability Modeling of Augmented Hypercube Networks
Shameema Yasim and Shahram Latifi

VOLUME 16, NO. 3, September 2009                       

Table of Contents    


Editor's Note





An Adaptive Quality of Service Based Power Management Algorithm
in Wireless Transmission
Ahmed H. Salem, Anup Kumar, and Adel S. Elmaghraby

  Fault Diagnosis Using a Modified Armitage Method and
Artificial Neural Networks
In Soo Lee and Gordon K. Lee
  Performance Comparison of Algorithms for Gathering
Remote State Information
Richard T. Hurley, John Mak, and Bart C. Domzy
  An Improved Heuristic Approach for the Steiner Problem in Graphs
Lung-Yung Chu and Dong-Guk Shin
  Traffic Locality Oriented Route Discovery Algorithm with Delay
Mznah A. Al-Rodhaan, Lewis Mackenzie, and Mohamed Ould-Khaoua
  Requirements Elicitation Techniques Selection Using AHP
Yirsaw Ayalew and Audrey Masizana

VOLUME 16, NO. 2, June 2009                       

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  Editor's Note


Introduction:  Special Issue on the Application of Computer Technology
to Public Safety and Law Enforcement
Randy K. Smith

  HIT:  A GIS-Based Hotspot Identification Taxonomy
Dana Steil and Allen Parrish
  IRAS:  An Inmates' Risk Assessment System
Li Ding, Brandon Dixon, and Allen Parrish
  Qualified Association-Rule Mining - Expanding Public Safety Data Insight
Nenad Jukic and Svetlozar Nestorov
  Outreach, Teaching and Research Facilitated by a Forensics Training Center in Direct Support of Public Safety and Criminal Justice
Rayford B. Vaughn and David A. Dampier
  Linking Paradigms in Safety Critical Systems
Akram Idani, Jean-Louis Boulanger, and Laurent Philippe

VOLUME 16, NO. 1, March 2009                       

Table of Contents    





Robust Computer-Based Modeling and Simulation of Both DC
and AC PM motors
Ashraf A. Zaher

  Meta-Heuristic Based Techniques for FPGA Placement:  A Study
S. Areibi, X. Bao, G. Grewal, D. Banerji, and P. Du
  A Scalable Grid Scheduler for Real-Time Applications
Cong Liu and Sanjeev Baskiyar
  Fast Random Variate Generation with Sorting-Based Rejection
Techniques for Computer Simulation
Wei-Ming Lin and Enmin Song
  The Design and Implementation of Multiprocessor Support for an
Industrial Operating System Kernel
Simon Kagstrom, Hakan Grahan, and Lars Lundberg
  Comprehensive Exploration on Social Network Analysis
Ford Lumban Gaol and Belawati Widjaja

VOLUME 15, NO. 4, December 2008                       

Table of Contents    





Enforcing Security Policies in Requirements Engineering Using AFUML
Khaled Alghathbar and Duminda Wijesekera

  Towards a Framework for Brokering Semantic Web Services
Yasser Ganjisaffar and Hassan Abolhassani
  Minimization Analysis of Network Attack Graphs Using Genetic Algorithms
Mahdi Abadi and Saeed Jalili
  Automatic Generation of Globally Asynchronous Locally Synchronous Wrapper Circuits
Esmail Amini, Mehrdad Najibi, and Hossein Pedram
  Greedy-Available Non-Contiguous Processor Allocation Strategy and Job Scheduling for 2D Mesh Connected Multicomputers
S. Bani-Mohammad, M. Ould-Khaoua, and I. Ababneh
  Index 297

VOLUME 15, NO. 3, September 2008                       

Table of Contents    





Implementing Templated Design Patterns:  A Category Theoretic Approach
Yujun Zheng, Qimin Hu, and Jinyun Hue

  A Randomized Queueless Algorithm for Breadth-First Search
K. Subramani and K. Madduri
  Handling Overload and Data-Relaxation Control in Distributed
Real-Time Database Systems
Samia Bouzefrane, Jean-Paul Etienne and Claude Kaiser
  A Decision Support Tool for Prioritizing the Construction of Short Roads
Using an Expert System Approach
Hussam M. Ramadan and Yousry I. Taha
  Scalability in Analyzing the Availability of Large-Scale Networks
using Multicast
Falko Dressler
  Statistical Source Modeling of Walkthrough Navigators
H. A. Hassan, S. A. F. Bassiouny, M. S. Abougabal, and W. M. Sheta

VOLUME 15, NO. 2, June 2008                       

Table of Contents    



Authorship Attribution:  A Principal Component and Linear Discriminant
Analysis of teh Consistent Programmer Hypothesis
Jane Huffman Hayes

  The Design and Performance of a Bare PC Web Server
Long He, Ramesh K. Karne, and Alexander L. Wijesinha
  Towards Semantic Web News Sites
Mostafa E. Saleh and Ahmed Ezz
  Extending Link State IGPs for Load Management in MPLS Networks
Khaled Shuaib and Farag Sallabi
  State Space Neural Networks Adaptive Control of the Unified
Power Flow Controller
Soraya Zebirate, Abdelkader Chaker, and Ali Feliachi
  Improving Concurrency Control with Invalidation Reports in
Mobile Databases
Wen-Chi Hou, Chih-Fang Wang, Qiao LKuo, Cheng Luo, and Zhewei Jiang

VOLUME 15, NO. 1, March 2008                       

Table of Contents    




Editor's Note



Multipurpose Color Image Watermarking
S. A. M. Gilani, I. Kostopoulos, and A. N. Skodras

  Semantic Query in Heterogeneous Web Data Sources
Mostafa E. Saleh
  Wavelet-Based Neural Recognition System for Power Quality Events
Suriya Kaewarsa
  Efficient Techniques for Parallel Text Retrieval on PC-Cluster
Basilis Mamalis, Dimitris Kehagias, and Grammati Pantziou
  A Structured-Analysis-Based Specification for Faster-than-Real-Time
Dimosthenis Anagnostopoulos, Vassilis Dalakas, Mara Nikolaidou
Vassilios Vescoukis
  The Ezeus Operating System Design and Internals
Amr El-Kadi and Mohamed F. Ahmed

VOLUME 14, NO. 4, DECEMBER 2007                       

Table of Contents    





Demand Forecasting Using Intelligent Agents with Application to a Call
Processing Center
Wen-Bin Yu and James H. Graham

  Evaluation of iPVFS:  A High Performance Parallel File System
over iSCSI for Cluster Computing
Li Ou and Xubin He
  A Geometric Distribution-Based Approach for Aligning 3D
Digital Object Models
Naoufel Werghi
  A Hybrid Clustering Method for Gene Expression Data
Baoying Wang and William Perrizo
  FPGA-Based Implementations of Quadrature Mirror Filter Banks
Ali Al-Haj
  UML-Based Methodology for Reliability Analysis of Concurrent
Software Applications
Rehab A. El Kharboutly, Reda Ammar, and Swapna S. Gokhale
  Index 260

VOLUME 13, NO. 3, SEPTEMBER, 2006                       

Table of Contents    





A Summary of Some Directions in Embedded Systems Research,
Education and Development
David Jeff Jackson

  Architectures and Platforms of Software (Defined) Radio Systems
Chia-han Lee and Wayne Wolf
  Eliminating Garbage Collection for a More Deterministic Behavior of
Real-Time and Embedded Software
Jameela Al-Jaroodi and Nader Mohamed
  Guidelines for Unified System Specification for Co-Design of
Embedded Systems
Kenneth G. Ricks, D. Jeff Jackson, and B. Earl Wells
  Using System-on-a-Programmable-Chip Technology to Design
Embedded Systems
J. O. Hamblen and T. S. Hall
  A Real-Time Flash Memory File System (RTFFS) for Embedded
Sudeep Jain and Yann-Hang Lee

VOLUME 14, NO. 3, SEPTEMBER 2007                       

Table of Contents    





Java API for Messages Passing Interface
Gongzhu Hu and Kotte A. C. N. Jayawardena

  Exploring the Potential of Vertical Striping on Disks
Jian Cai, Wen-Chi Hou, and Chi-Fan Wang
  A Fuzzy Logic Based Multiple Reference Model Adaptive Control
Algorithm for Dynamic Systems
Sukumar Kamalasadan and Adel A. Ghandakly
  Content-Adaptive Web Pages Based on Users Classification
Amany Sarhan
  Lighter Weight Mobile Agent System
Samer Hanna, Ali Chehab, Ayman Kayssi, and Hassan Artail
  A Novel Hardware Architecture for Scalable Binary Morphological
and Mask-Based Image Processing
David J. Jackson, Songpol Ongwattanakul, Phaisit Chewputtanagul,
Kennety G. Ricks, and William A. Stapleton


VOLUME 14, NO. 2, JUNE 2007                       

Table of Contents    




Editor's Note



Scalable Reconfigurable Architectures for High-Performance
Energy-Efficient Multimedia Processing
Rama Sangireddy and Prabhu Rajamani

  Realizing Energy-Efficient MultiCore Processors by Utilizing
Speculative Thread-Level Parallelism
Toshinori Sato, Yuu Tanaka, Hidenori Sato, Toshimasa Funaki,
Takenori Koshiro, and Akihiro Chiyonobu
  Placement-Directed Behavioral Synthesis Scheme for Simultaneous
Scheduling Binding and Partitioning with Resources Operating
at Multiple Voltages
Dongxin Wen, Ling Wang, Yingtao Jiang, Henry Selvaraj, and Xiaozhong Yang
  Non-Inclusion Property in Multi-Level Caches Revisited
Mohamed Zahran, Kursad Albayraktaroglu, and Manoj Franklin
  A Parallel Scheduler Based on Acyclic Stable Matching
Enyue Lu, Mei Yang, S. Q. Zheng, Shankar N. Neelakrishnan, and
Ju-Yeon Jo
  Stub Code Optimization in CORBA-Based Distributed Embedded
G. Sudha Sadasivam and A. Chitra

VOLUME 14, NO. 1, March 2007                       

Table of Contents    




Editor's Note



Architecture and Configuration of Broadband Access Networks
Supporting Multimedia Applications
M. Martinecz, A. Kern, Z. Heszberger, and J. J. Biro

  An Efficient QoS Monitoring Scheme for Inter-Domain Connections
Hanan H. Elazhary, Swapna S. Gokhale, and Reda A. Ammar
  Parallel Processing of High-Dimensional Remote Sensing Images
Using Cluster Computer Architectures
David Valencia, Antonio Plaza, Pablo Martinez, and Javier Plaza
  Flexible Bandwidth Provision in a Sectored Packet Switch with an
Optical Core (Extended Version)
Sofia A. Paredes, Srijan Srivastava, and Trevor J. Hall
  Proportional Bandwidth Distribution in IP Networks Implementing
the Assured Forwarding PHB
Maria-Dolores Cano and Fernando Cerdan
  Efficient, Low-Complexity Handling of Delay Jitter for VoIP
Teck-Kuen Chua and David C. Pheanis

VOLUME 13, NO. 4, DECEMBER 2006                       

Table of Contents    




Editor's Note



Scheduling DAGs on Heterogeneous Network of Workstations
to Minimize Finish Time
Sanjeev  Baskiyar and Prashanth C. SaiRanga

  A CAM Based Associative Processor Array for Parallel
Implementation of AES
Hua Li, Chang N. Zhang, and Jianzhou Li
  Healthcare Management System:  An Application of Component-
Based Software Architectures with Performance
D. L. Smarkusky, H. H. Smith, III, and R. A. Ammar
  Dynamic Load Balancing Protocol for Locally Distributed Systems
Tariq Omari, Seyed H. Hosseini, and Greg Franks
  An Entity-Relationship Model for an Information System to Assess
Flood Impact on Route Network
Mohammad Shahadat Hossain and Christopher Davies
  Class Switching Adaptation for Real-Time Multimedia in DiffServ
Yang Feng and Randa El-Marakby
  Index 235

VOLUME 13, NO. 3, SEPTEMBER 2006                       

Table of Contents    





A Summary of Some Directions in Embedded Systems Research,
Education and Development
David Jeff Jackson

  Architectures and Platforms of Software (Defined) Radio Systems
Chia-han Lee and Wayne Wolf
  Eliminating Garbage Collection for a More Deterministic Behavior of
Real-Time and Embedded Software
Jameela Al-Jaroodi and Nader Mohamed
  Guidelines for Unified System Specification for Co-Design of
Embedded Systems
Kenneth G. Ricks, D. Jeff Jackson, and B. Earl Wells
  Using System-on-a-Programmable-Chip Technology to Design
Embedded Systems
J. O. Hamblen and T. S. Hall
  A Real-Time Flash Memory File System (RTFFS) for Embedded
Sudeep Jain and Yann-Hang Lee

VOLUME 13, NO. 2, JUNE 2006                       

Table of Contents    



Editor's Note

  A Lightweight Executable Test Sequence Generation Method for
Communication Protocols Modeled by EFSM
Tao Huang and Anthony Chung
  An Information System to Assess Flood Impact on Road
Transportation Systems
M. S. Hossain and C. G. Davies
  A Unified Data Secure and Fault Tolerant Approach for
Distributed Computing
Chang N. Zhang and Leon Pan
  A Vertical Approach to Computing Set Squared Distance
Taufik Abidin, Amal Perera, Masum Serazi, and William Perrizo

VOLUME 13, NO. 1, MARCH 2006                       

Table of Contents    



Restructuring Object-Oriented Real-Time Distributed Software for
Limited-Connectivity Environment
Tahany A. Fergany and Amany Sarhan

  Hybrid Imaging and Neural Networks Techniques for Processing
Solar Images
R. Qahwaji and T. Colak
  Study of Relative Effectiveness of Features in Content-Based
Image Retrievals
S. R. Subramanya, Jui-Che Teng, and Yongjian Fu
  An Admission Control Method for Dynamic Software Reconfiguration
in Complex Embedded Systems
Ying Qiao, Hongan Wang, Luqi, and Valdis Berzins
  A Framework for Mining Association Rules
Jun Luo and Sanguthevar Rajasekaran
  Towards a Component-Based Extensible Operating System
Amr El-Kadi and Mohamed F. Abdel Fattah

VOLUME 12, NO. 4, DECEMBER 2005                       

Table of Contents 

  A Study of Parallel Monitoring Algorithm in ATM Network
Mansoor Alam, Carl Weisfelder, and Min Song



Improving Software Testing Through UML Models
Ahmed M. Salem and Jose Apesoa

  WSDL Mutation for Testing Web Services
Nashat Mansour, Reda Siblini, and Abbas Tarhini
  A Performance Framework for Component-Based Software Architectures
D. L. Smarkusky, H. H. Smith, III, and A. M. Vandivort
  Agent-Based Design of Agricul.tural Knowledge Based Systems
Ahmed Kamel
  Efficient Vertical Quantitative Frequent Pattern Mining
Baoying Wang, Fei Pan, Yue Cui, William Perrizo


VOLUME 12, NO. 3, SEPTEMBER 2005                       

Table of Contents 

  Comparison of Various TCP Implementations in a Congested Network
Mansoor Alam, Shravan Vallala, and Min Song



Reliable Blind Informamtion Hiding into Colored Images Using Reversible
Wavelet Transforms
M. Fahmy Tolba, M. Al-Said Ghoniemy, Ismail Abdoul-Hameed Taha, and
Amal Said Khalifa

  Clustering Categorical Sequences Using a K-Nearest-Neighbor Method
Seung-Joon Oh and Jae-Yearn Kim
  M3-Update:  A New Update Model for E-Commerce and Web-Based Applications
Peng Li, Zhonghang Xia, Manghui Tu, and I-Ling Yen
  A Genetic Algorithm Hardware Accelerator for VLSI Circuit Partitioning
S. Areibi, M. Moussa, and G. Koonar
  A Texture-Centric Meta-Model for Component-Based Software Architecture
H. H. Smith, III, A. M. Vandivort, and D. L. Smarkusky


VOLUME 12, NO. 2, JUNE 2005                       

Table of Contents 

  Applying Stochastic Static Task Scheduling to a Reconfigurable Hardware Environment
Sin Ming Loo and B. Earl Wells



A Fast Compile-Time Task Scheduling Heuristic for Homogeneous Computing Environments
Tarak Hagras and Janeček

  Constraint-Based Performance Analysis of k Ary n -Cube Networks
H. Sarbazi-Azad and M. Ould-Khaoua
  An Artificial Neural Network Algorithm for Voltage Stability Monitoring
and Assessment
Sukumar Kamalasadan, Adel A. Ghandakly and D. Thukaram
  Subgroup-based Source Recovery or Local Recovery for Reliable Multicasting
Danyang Zhang, Sibabrata Ray, Rajgopal Kannan, and S. Sitharama Iyengar
  MSGAI:  A Multiagent System for Gathering Attack Information
Tarek S. Sobh

VOLUME 12, NO. 1, MARCH 2005                       

Table of Contents    

  Editor's Comments



Low Complexity Programmable Cellular Automata Based Reconfigurable
General Modular Mutiplier in GF (2m)
Hua Li, Chang N. Zhang, and Qiang Wang

  Automatic Image Registration Algorithm Based on Multiresolution Local
Contrast Entropy and Mutual Information
Hala S. Own and Aboul Ella Hassanien
  Finding MAPs for Large Belief Networks Using Evolutionary Computation
Ashraf M. Abdelbar and Sahar Attia
  Automated Recognition of Active Regions on Full Disk Solar
Spectroheliograms using H
α,  Ca II K3 and FeXII 195 A Wavelengths
Ali Benkhalil, Valentina Zharkova, Stanley Ipson, and Sergei Zharkov
  Obfuscation Techniques for Protecting Rule-Based Agents
Ralph F. Grove and Justin Antinarella
  Building Agent Community for Web Service Integration
Cheng-Hsiung Hung, Jen-Yen Jason Chen, and Hsing Mei
  Modeling and Analysis of Application Throughput in Gigabit Networks
Khaled Salah


VOLUME 11, NO. 4, DECEMBER 2004                       

Table of Contents          

  A Cooperative Approach to Switchbox Routing
Maolin Tang



A Shared-Way Set Associative On-Chip Cache
José Luis Hamkalo, Andrés Djordjalian, and Bruno Cemuschi-Frías

  Assistance in the Reuse of Formal Specifications
Samira Sadaoui
  A Methodology for Design-Level Performance Modeling
D. L. Smarkusky and R. A. Ammar
  A Ptree-Based Framework for Accelerating MLS Database Queries
Imad Rahal and William Perrizo
  Index 270


VOLUME 11, NO. 3, SEPTEMBER 2004                       

Table of Contents    

  Performance Comparison for Service Systems With or Without Anticipated
Delay Information by Analysis and Simulation
W. Feng and R. T. Hurley



Automatic Rotifer Counting Using LVQ Neural Network
Abdulnasser Abu-Rezq, Ahmad Tolba, Tawfiq Abu-Rezq, and
Mohammad Quminasi

  Quality of Service Control and Performance Analysis of a Gigabit Network
Min Song and Mansoor Alam
  A Taxonomy for Data Cube Query
Rebecca Boon-Noi Tan, David Taniar, and Guojun Lu
  A Fuzzy Logic Feedback Controller for ABR Traffic Management in ATM Networks
Mahir Sabra and Mansoor Alam
  Towards Semi-Automatically Reusing Objects from Legacy Systems
Jiang Guo


VOLUME 11, NO. 2, JUNE 2004

Table of Contents                                                                         

  Editor's Comments
  Database Design for Web-Based Product Catalog
Andrew Flahive, J. Wenny Rahayu, and David Taniar



A Suggestion for a New RNS-Based Multiplier for a Family of Moduli
Ahmad A. Hiasat

  An XML-Based Administration Method on Role-Based Access Control 
in Distributed Systems
Cungang Yang, Celia Li, and Chang N. Zhang
  Role Model Design and Implementation Using a Set Approach
Luong T. Nguyen, David Taniar, Bill Appelbe, and Liping Zhao
  Hierarchical Classification for Multiple, Distributed Web Databases
Hui Yang and Minjie Zhang
  Hard Real-Time Control Using SIMULINK Target for Real-Time Linux
R. Murillo-Garcia, F. Womle, B. G. Stewart, and D. K. Harrison


VOLUME 11, NO. 1, MARCH 2004

Table of Contents

  An Uncertainty Reasoning Model for Synergistic Diagnosis
Charles J. Kim and Mohamed F. Chouikha



Algorithmic Construction of Hamiltonian Cycles in k-Ary n-Cubes
H. Sarbazi-Azad, M. Ould-Khaoua, K. Day, and L. M. Mackenzie

  Hybrid Image Partitioning Algorithms for Fast Fractal Image Compression
Wagdy H. Mahmoud and David Jeff Jackson
  Simulation of the Collision Free Navigation of Virtual AGV Among Static
Obstacles Using Fuzzy Inference
Devinder Kaur and Yong Wang
  Systematic Identification of Potential Patterns for Serial Criminals
SKamal Dahbur and Thomas Muscarello
  Efficient Algorithms for Dynamic Update of Shortest Path Tree in Networking
Bin Xiao, Qingfeng Zhuge, and Edwin H.-M. Sha



Table of Contents

Tabu Search:  Implementation & Complexity Analysis for Netlist Partitioning
Shawki Areibi and Anthony Vannelli

Curve Fitting for Large Data Using Rational Cubic Splines
Muhammad Sarfraz

An Object-Oriented Software Project Management Model and Environment
Jyhjong Lin and Chun-Hsiu Yeh

Rough Sets Analysis for Reduct Generation of Breast Cancer Data 
Aboul Ella Hassanien and Jafar M. H. Ali

Shape and Edge Detail Analysis for Wear Debris Identification
M. S. Laghari



Table of Contents

Enhancing Genetic Algorithms Performance Using Parallel and Distributed Computing Approaches
AlaaEldin Sleem, Moumen Ahmed, and Anup Kumar

Impact of ATM Traffic Shaping on MPEG-2 Video Quality
Yongdong Wang and Michael Jurczyk

A Parallel Inductive Logic Programming Data Mining System for Drug Discovery
Ahmed H. Kamal, James H. Graham, and C. D. Page

Study of Using an Object-Relational Paradigm in Building a Web Database Application 
J. Wenny Rahayu, David Taniar, Lee Nung Kion, and Eric Pardede

Detecting Edges in Noisy Face Database Images
Rami Qahwaji

Audio Data Indexing Using Discrete Cosine Transform 
S. R. Subramanya, Abdou Youssef, Bhagirath Narahari, and Rahul Simha

VOLUME 10, NO. 2, JUNE 2003

Table of Contents

Measurement of FAX Quality on a Fax over IP Network
R. Pendse, S. Ananthanarayana, R. Bhagavathula and R. Rajamoni

Implementation and Analysis of Bilingual English/Arabic Articulated Document Analysis and Understanding System
H. Arafat Ali, Aly I. El-Desouky, and M. Mahfouz

Segmentation Free Approach for Printed Arabic Text Recognition
Mohamed F. Tolba, Gamal Abdul Moty, and Ahmed Mahmoud

Non-Linear Clustering Algorithm for Scheduling Parallel Programs with Synchronous Communication on NOWs 
Bassel R. Arafeh

Restructuring Object-Oriented Real-Time Distributed Software for Pipeline Environment
Tahany A. Fergany and Amany Sarhan

Enabling High-Performance Data Service in the Web Environment 
Qutaibah M. Malluhi and Gwang S. Jung


VOLUME 10, NO. 1, MARCH 2003

Table of Contents

Editor's Note

Adaptive Growth of Committee Machines
Abdul Nasser S. Abu-Rezq

Efficient Polynomial-Time Nested Loop Fusion with Full Parallelism
Edwin H.-M. Sha, Timothy W. O'Neil, and Nelson L. Passos

An Evolutionary Computation Technique for User Profile Optimization
Spiridon D. Likothanassis, Grigorios N. Beligiannis, Dimitrios A. Fotakis, Dimitrios K. Fragoudis, and Konstantinos C. Giotopoulos

Design of a  Linear Systolic Modular Multiplier/Squarer for the Fast Modular Exponentiation 
Keon-Jik Lee, Kee-Won Kim, Won-Ho Lee, Young-Jun Heo, and Kee-Young Yoo

Distributed Job Scheduling in Clustered Networks
Jiang B. Liu and Igor V. Motov

Parallel Processing of Multiple Text Queries on Hypercube Interconnection Networks 
B. Marmalis, P. Spirakis, and B. Tampakas

Binary Codes for Fast Determination of Ancestor-Descendant Relationship in Trees and Directed A-cyclic Graphs
Sanjeev Baskiyar and Natarajan Meghanathan


Table of Contents

Efficient Task Partitioning Algorithms for Distributed Shared Memory Systems
Sibabrate Ray and Hong Jiang

Autoregressive Filter Algorithm for Sifting Digital Images
I. A. Ismail, El-Sayed M. El-Hobarty, and M. A. Ashabrawy

Rich Semantic-Based Schema Integration in a Federated Multiple Information Server Environment
A.-R. H. Tawil, N. J. Fiddian, and W. A. Gray

Performance Comparison of Processor Scheduling Strategies in a Distributed-Memory Multicomputer System 
Yuet-Ning Chan, Sivarama P. Dandamudi, and Shikharesh Majumdar

Using Metaclasses to Support Dynamic User-Defined Parametric Modeling Primitives
J. R. Miller and J. D. Porter



Table of Contents

SADL:  Simulation Architecture Description Language
Kenneth G. Ricks, John M. Weirs and B. Earl Wells

Control of Uncertain Systems with Infinite Delays
A. S. C. Sinha, Sergey E. Lyshevski and Ramana Pidaparti

Intelligent Computer-Based Monitoring and Fault Isolation for Industrial Processes
James Graham and Patricia Ralston

Disjoint Paths with Length Constraints  
Spyros Tragoudas and Yaakov Varol

Distributed Algorithms for Image Classification and Content-Based Retrieval using Image Classes
S. R. Subramanya, A. Youssef, N. Alexandridis and P. Piamsa-nga

The AEDF/NP Scheduling Algorithm in the Hard Real-Time Operating Systems
Hoon Oh

VOLUME 9, NO. 2, JUNE  2002

Table of Contents

A Two Dimensional Parallel Indexing Scheme for Complex Objects
Tatsuo Tsuji, Albert Vreto, Ken Higuchi, and Teruhisa Hochin

Staggered Filtering of Images
Ismail A. Ismail and Maher M. Hussein

A Parallel Neural Networks Algorithm for the Clique Partitioning Problem
Haidar M. Harmanani

Application-Oriented Communication Protocols for High-Speed Networks  
Eyas Al-Hajery and Salim Hariri

On Box-Jenkins Modeling:  An Intelligent Approach
Y. K. Wong, A. B. Rad, C. W. Yu, and C. Y. Wong

Relational Database Implementation of Generic Methods in an Inheritance Hierarchy
J. Wenny Rahayu, Elizabeth Chang, Tharam S. Dillon, and David Taniar

VOLUME 9, NO. 1, MARCH  2002

Table of Contents

Editor's Note
Reda Ammar

A Web-Based Parallel Simulation Environment
Hussam M. Soliman

Application of Recurrence Quantification Analysis to EEG Signals
Nitza Thmasson, Charles L. Webber Jr. and Joseph P. Zbilut

Structural Characterization of Popular Web Documents
Abdolreza Abhari, Sivarama P. Dandamudi and Shikharesh Majumdar

Teams:  An Availability Management Service for a Timed Asynchronous Distributed System  
Shivakant Mishra and Guozhao Pang

An Architecture and Development Method for Networked Human Resource Information Systems
Jyhjong Lin, Yalei Chu and Huammi Tsao

Algorithms for the Prediction of Secondary Structures of RNA Macromolecules
Mourad Elloumi

VOLUME 8, NO. 4, DEC.  2001

Table of Contents

Editor's Note
Reda Ammar

Straight and Curve Sawing Modeling and Simulation for Eastern Canadian Sawmills
François Grondin and Frédéric Hébert

A Fuzzy Algorithm for ABR Flow Control in ATM Networks
Mansoor Alama nd Vinod Jeyachandran

Detection of Closed Regions in Digital Images
Rami Qahwaji and Roger Green

A Hybrid Technique for Indexing Image Databases Using the Wavelet Transform and the Discrete Fourier Transform  
Chaman L. Sabharwal and S. R. Subramanya

Measurement, Analysis and Performance Improvement of the Apache Web Serve
Yiming Hu, Ashwini Nanda, and Qing Yang

VOLUME 8, NO. 3, SEPT.  2001

Table of Contents

Implementation and Performance Evaluation of a Gesture-to-Arabic-Speech Translation System
A. N. Abu-Rezq, A. S. Tolba, H. M. Raafat, and M. A. Quminasi

Some Results on Stochastic and Fuzzy Control of Nonlinear Difference Equations with Finite Delays
A. S. C. Sinha, Sergey Edward Lyshevski, and Paul Salama

The Modeling of Forested Areas for Real and Synthetic Aperture Imaging Radar Simulation when Tree Locations are Known
James M. Henson and R. E. Davis

Topological Network Design Subject to 1-Fault Tolerant Constraints
Sheng-Tzong Cheng

A Network Level Framework for Synchronization Guarantees of Multimedia Streams   
Taieb Znati, Robert Simon, and Tawfig Alrabiah

Automatic Visual Inspection of Watermeters using a Flexible Inspection Concept
Robert Sablatnig

VOLUME 8, NO. 2, JUNE 2001

Table of Contents

Guest Editor's Introduction
David Page and James H. Graham

The Case-Based Matchmaker
Yaakov HaCohen-Kerner, Haim Boaron, and Eliya Yitzaak

Supporting Computer-Mediated Collaboration through User-Defined Agents
Kathleen M. Swigger and Letatia Ducksworth

Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) Approach in Diagnostics of Polycythemia Vera
Mehmed Kantardzic, Hazem Hamdan, and Menjamin Djulbegovic

Automatic Recognition of Arabic Sign Language Finger Spelling
Mohammad Al-Rousan and Mohammed Hussain

A Computer Vision Framework for Analyzing Overhead and Computer Projections from Video of Lectures    
Michael N. Wallick, Niels da Vitoria Lobo, and Mubarak Shah

Efficient Object Location in Frame Sequences Using Adaptive Fuzzy-Tuned Scanpaths
Michael J. Allen, Qassim H. Mehdi, and Norman E. Gough

VOLUME 8, NO. 1, MARCH 2001

Table of Contents

Editors Comments

An Approximation for Parallel Job Response Times
C. Gary Rommel

Multi-Resolution Analysis of Gastrointestinal Sounds for Small Bowel Obstruction Identification
Xuan Kong, Hussein Mansy, and Richard Sandler

Parallel Data Distributions for Optimum LU Decomposition
Julius Dichter, Ausif Mahmood, and Howard A. Sholl

A Formal Study of Interactions in Multi-agent Systems
Amal El Fallah-Seghrouchni, S. Haddad, and H. Mazouzi

Software Metrics for Database Applications
Ramzi Haraty, Nashat Mansour, and Sana Abiad

Intelligent Motor Fault Diagnosis Using a Modififed ANFIS
X. Z. Gao and S. J. Ovaska


Table of Contents

Time-Frequency Algorithms and Their Applications
M. S. Safizadeh, A. A. Lakis, and M. Thomas

Dijkstra's Algorithm for the Shortest Path Problem Using the Bucket-Heap Structure
Andrew Lim and Oon Wee Chong

Lane Detection Using a Kalman Filter
Hyung-Il Choi, Ae-kyung Yang, and Joo-chul Park

A Computational Analysis of a Sonic Slot Jet in a Hypersonic Fross-Flow
Damon K. Jeffries, R. Krishnamurthy, and S. Chandra

Relaxing the Correctness Criteria in Real-Time DBMSs
Samia Saad-Bouzefrane and Bruno Sadeg



Table of Contents

Improving K-Processor Reliability of Large-Scale Hierarchical Systems Using Double Counter-Rotating Rings
M. AL-Rousan, M. Mowafi, and O. AL-Jarrah

Performance Evaluation of a Generic Database System
Wolfgang Diestelkamp and Lars Lundberg

The Active State Space: a Distributed Supporting Environment for Autonomous Mobile Agents
Minjie Zhang and Wei Li

Theory and Practice of Enterprise JavaBeans™ Portability
Santiago Comella-Dorda, Robert C. Seacord, and John E. Robert

Experimental Results on the Use of Navigation Sensors in Underground Mining Environments
E. M. Nebot, S. Scheding, M. Stevens, H. Durrant-Whyte, G. Dissanayake, J. Roberts, P. Corke, and J. Cunningham

On the Design of Reconfigurable Hardware Tools for Investing Ion Channel Dynamics
Zina Ben Miled, Dominic R. Reitman, Raymond C. Y. Chin, and John Schild

VOLUME 7, NO. 2, JUNE 2000

Table of Contents

An Algorithm for Generating 3D Fourier Descriptors from 2D Body Pictures and Its Reverse
I. A. Ismail, El-Sayed M. El-Horbaty, and A. M. Abd-El-Salam

On an Acquisition Model for the Automatic Construction of the Arabic Lexicon
Alaa El-din H. Mohamed and El-Sayed M. El-Horbaty

Stabilization of Uncertain Delay Difference Systems Using Sliding Modes
A. S. C. Sinha, Sergey Edward Lyshevski, Mohamed El-Sharkawy and Maher Rizkalla

Design and Performance Evaluation of Ring-Based Multiprocessor System Using a New Snooping Protocol
Sung Woo Chung, Hyung Ho Kim, Chu Shik Jhon, and Seong Tae Jhang

Topological Properties and Broadcasting Algorithms on X-mesh and X-torus with Applications
Jean-Frederic Myoupo and David Seme

VOLUME 7, NO. 1, MARCH 2000

Special Issue on High Performance Computing Systems

Table of Contents

Reducing Control Latency in Distributed Shared Memory Multiprocessor Systems Using Neural Network Prediction
Omar M. Al-Jarrah, Amjad Muhsen, and Mohammad Al-Rousan

A Mathematical Formulation and Demonstration of Amdahl's Law
Marlin H. Mickle

The Effect of Unix Kernel Code Replication on a ccNUMA Machine
David Bradley, Carlisle Trimble, and Yanggon Kim

Parallel Real-Time Numerical Computation: Beyond Speedup III
Selim G. Akl and Stefan D. Bruda

Scalable Portability Evaluation of High Performance Applications
Ami Marowka, Itzkak Yarhi, and Michel Bercovier

An Asynchronous Model of Communication and Computation for MPI
G. M. Weerasinghe and I. R. Greenshields

Computation of Radial Zernike Polynomials Using a Parallel-Recursive Algorithm
Ming Xu and Maurice Aburdene

Optimal Broadcast in Star Graph Networks Without Intermediate Node Reception
Shahram Latifi, Kalyanram Palagummi, and Pradip K. Srimani


Table of Contents

Morphogenesis: Synthesizing Natural Textures Using Reaction-Diffusion
Arun David Neelamkavil

Spatialized Visual Features-Based Image Retrieval
Youssef Chahir and Liming Chen

Parallel Fractal Image Compression Implementations Using the Parallel Virtual Machine (PVM)
William Albert Stapleton and David Jeff Jackson

Optimizing Page Replacement for Multiple-Level Memory Hierarchy
Edwin H.-M. Sha and Chantana Chantrapornchai

Using Domain Knowledge to Optimize the Hypothesis for Knowledge Discovery
M. Mehdi Owrang O.


Table of Contents

Interoperability and Query Optimization in Temporal Relational Databases
Cristina De Castro

High Performance Parallel Text Retrieval Over Large Scale Document Collections: The PFIRE System
B. Mamalis, P. Spirakis, and B. Tampakas

Adaptive-Length Median Filters and Their Application to the Removal of Gaussian and Impulse Noises
Byeong-Moon Jeon and Chang-Sung Jeong

Performance Analysis of a New Disk Architecture as a NetServer for NSF Network Systems
Li Yang, Xiandeng Pei, and Qing Yang

An Adaptive Minimum Variance Controller for Speed Control of an Induction Motor
Mohamed M. M. Negm

Neural Network Based Approach for Recognition of Arabic Characters
Mohamed F. Tolba and Gamal Abdul Moty

VOLUME 6, NO. 2, JUNE 1999

Table of Contents

Attribute Management in a DBMS for VHDL-based EDA Environments
Satish Venkatesan and Karen C. Davis

A Decision-Making System in Inflammatory Rheumatology Using Different Reasoning Methods
Marie Beurton-Aimar, Benoit Le Blanc and J. Philippe Vernhes

A Multivariable Modified Adaptive-Network-Based Fuzzy Controller
Gordon K. Lee and Ying-Gu Yang

Analyzing Plasma Emission Spectra Using Neural Networks
Werner Dubitzky, Davide Mariotti, Mark Hyland, James McLaughlin, and Pual Maguire

A Multi-DSP System and Its Application to Image Processing
M. Fikret Ercan, Yu-Fai Fung, and M. Suleyman Demokan

A Logic Database System with Extended Functionality
Sang-goo Lee, Dong-Hoon Choi, and Sang-Ho Lee

VOLUME 6, NO. 1, MARCH 1999

Table of Contents

A Heuristic Model for Task allocation in Heterogeneous Distributed Computing Systems
A. Abdelmageed Elsadek and B. Earl Wells

An Integrated Navigation System for AGV Based on an Environment Database
Tingkai Wang, Qasim H. Mehdi, and Norman E. Gough

On the Parallel Generation of P-sequences
Vincent Vajnovszki and Chris Phillips

A Universal K-Tree Model for Content-Based Multimedia Retrieval
Punpiti Piamsa-nga and Nikitas A. Alexandridis

A Distributed Indexing Scheme for Inherited Nessted Objects
A. Vreto, T. Tsuji and T. Hochin

Computer-Based Intelligent Safety Systems for Industrial Robots
George Rogers and James Graham

Query Optimization in Knowledge-Based Expert Systems
Ilié Popescu and Marek B. Zaremba


Table of Contents

Fault-Tolerant Task Allocation in Workstation-Based Distributed Systems
Khalid M. Al-Tawil

Modular Design and Implementation of Reliable Group Communication
Weijia Jia

Low Level Support for Implementing Group Communication Services
Flaviu Cristian and Shivakant Mishra

An Integrated Buffer Cache Management Scheme for Very Large Files
Hyogun Lee and Joonwon Lee

An Object-Oriented Specification and Verification System for Systolic Array Designs
Timothy K. Shih, Ying-Long Wang, and Ying-Feng Kuo


Table of Contents

Functional Programming for Fault-Tolerance in Parallel Computing Systems
Dimiter R. Avresky and Jean Arlat

Evolutionary Computation for Scheduling Controls in Concurrent Object-Oriented Systems
Tzilla Elrad, Jinlong Lin, and Douglas J. Cork

Integrating Formal Methods and Simulation for Validation of Embedded System Designs
Rex E. Gantenbein, Jin-Ki Hong, and Sung Y. Shin

Impact of I/O on Dynamic Load Distribution in Homogeneous Distributed Systems
Sivarama P. Dandamudi and Hamid Hadavi

An Expert System Approach for Hydrogeological Modeling Using a Geographic Information System (GIS)
Robert Y. Li, Don Rundquist and Liping Di

Speech Analysis and Synthesis via Discrete Orthogonal Laguerre Functions
S. A. ALshebeili and A. Kh. Al Jabri

VOLUME 5, NO. 2, JUNE 1998

Table of Contents

A Frame-Based Approach for Hand Gesture Recognition
Il-Ju Ko and Hyung-Il Choi

A Low Overhead, Least Recently Used Block Replacement Scheme with
Flooding Protection
R. Pendse and U. Walterscheidt

Dependency Tracing for Efficient Recoverable Distributed Shared Memory System
Taesoon Park and Heon Y. Yeom

Design of a Minimal Bit-Serial Processing Element for a Massively Parallel Computer
John E. Dorband, Maurice F. Aburdene, Kamal S. Khouri, and Jianqing Zheng

Using a Revised Data Flow Diagrammatic Technique to Design Dynamic Multimedia Presentations
Timothy K. Shih

Design and Implenmentation of a Parallel Constraint Satisfaction Algorithm
Marco Platzner and Bernhard Rinner

VOLUME 5, NO. 1, MARCH 1998

Table of Contents

Design and Performance Analysis of the Super-Hypercube Transputer Torus
Hamid Abachi and Al-Junaid Walker

Collision Graph Based Communication Scheduling for Parallel Systems
David Ray Surma and Edwin Hsing-Mean Sha

A Self-Routing Multistage ATM Switch for Broadband-ISDN
N. K. Pandey, R. Tripathi, and S. Tiwari

Temporal Analysis and Algorithms for Real-Time Scheduling and Allocation
Sheng-Tzong Cheng and Chia-Mei Chen

Performance Evaluation of a Two-Level Hierarchhical Parallel Database System
Yifeng Xu and Sivarama P. Dandamudi

Perceptually-Based Objective Measures for Speech Quality Assessment
Youssef S. Takroni, M. Meky and Tarek N. Saadawi

Parallel Programming Shell for Image Processing Using a Heterogeneous Network
Yu-Fai Fung, Tsan-Hing Heung, and M. Fikret Ercan


Table of Contents

Performance Comparison of Deadlock Detection Schemes in Multidatabase Systems
Hyogun Lee, Inseon Lee, Joonwon Lee, and Heon Y. Yeom

Object-Oriented Implementation of an Assembling Agent
Jagdeep S. Basran, Emil M. Petriu, and Dorina C. Petriu

On Tracking of Nonlinear Delay Differential Systems with Applications in Neuroscience
A. S. C. Sinha, M. A. El-Sharkawy, and M. E. Rizkalla

Fuzzy Lattice Neurocomputing (FLN): A Novel Connectionist Scheme for Versatile Learning and Decision Making by Clustering
Vassilis G. Kaburlasos and Vassilios Petridis

A Simplified Model for Crashworthiness with Emphasis on Passenger Interaction with a Vehicle
Toru Aida, Victor H. Mucino, Randolph A. Churchill, and James E. Smith

VOLUME 4, NO. 2, AUGUST 1997

Table of Contents

A MATLAB Graphical User Interface for Teaching Genetic Algorithms
Gregory J. Toussaint, Daniel J. Pack, and Randy L. Haupt

Programming of Combinatorial Search Problems and Parallel Computers
John Abbas Youssefi

Heuristic Test Application Time Reductin for Circuits with Boundary-Scan
Allison H. Evans and Enrico Macii

Numeral Recognition by Neural Networks: A Comparative Study
Hassan Mathkour

A Semantic Caching Mechanism for Mobile Database
Hong V. Leong and Antonio Si

Federating Databases: Use of Reasoning Techniques Through a Terminological System
A. N. Benkarkat and O. Larab

An Exact Algorithm for Computing the Entropy of a Logic Circuit
Enrico Macii and Massimo Poncino

VOLUME 4, NO. 1, APRIL 1997

Table of Contents

Distributed VHDL Switch-Level Fault Simulation
Christopher A. Ryan

Formal Specification of a Graph-Based Object-Oriented Software Testing
Chi-Ming Chung, Timothy K. Shih, and Chun-Chia Wang

Computing Distances Between Images with a Parallel Hausdorff
Distance Metric
J. A. Gualtieri, J. Le Moigne, and C. V. Packer

Speculative Service in Large-Scale Distributed Information Systems
Azer Bestavros

An Approximation Procedure for Multi-Layered Semaphore Queues with
Coxian Arrivals and Exponential Service Times
Paul Luh

A Computer Aided Design Method for Hypersonic Transports
Frederick Ferguson, Suresh Chandra, Isaiah Blankson, and
John D. Anderson, Jr.


Table of Contents

The Simulation and Display of Forward-Scan Radar Imagery
James M. Henson, Paul A. Stuopis, and Kenneth Hall

Knowledge-Based Approach to Distributed Database Design
Lena Sham and Wan Yui Sum

Mammographic Image Integrated Expert System
Umi Kalthum Ngah, P. A. Venkatachalam, and Ahmad Fadzil Mohd Hani

A New Parallel Heuristic for the Quadratic Assignment Problem
Nishit Kumar and Narsingh Deo

Parallel Volume Rendering for Scientific Visualization
Asish Law, Roni Yagel, and D. N. Jayasimha

Neural Network Implementation for Reliability Evaluation
Nabil A. Hachem and Jatinder S. Bedi

VOLUME 3, NO. 2, AUGUST 1996

Table of Contents

Stability Analysis for a New Neural Network Learning Controller
Xiaodong Huang, Leonhard Bernold and Gordon K. Lee

On The Performance of Parallel Computers: Order Statistics and
Amdahl's Law
Lester Lipsky, Tao Zhang, and Seonglim Kang

A Modified PARBS Architecture and Applications to Directed
Graph Algorithms
Ralph F. Grove and James H. Graham

Binary Pattern Correlators and Their Time Delay Measurement Accuracy
Musslih I. A. Harba

Parallel Digital CAP Transmitter
Ajit Reddy and Syed V. Ahamed

A Floating-Point FFT Processor Using Field Programmable
Gate Arrays
Yousuf Alquesi and Nazeih M. Botros

VOLUME 3, NO. 1, APRIL 1996

Table of Contents

An Improved Chandy-Lamport Snapshot Algorithm for GVT
Approximationn in Distributed Simulations

Hussam M. Soliman and Adel S. Elmaghraby

A Real-time System for Textured Object Recognition
Using Distributed Systems

J. You, W. P. Zhu, H. A. Cohen, and E. Pissaloux

The Impact of Program Structure on the Performance of Scheduling
Policies in Multiprocessor Systems

Siu-Lun Au and Sivarama P. Dandamudi

The Positioning and Tracking Control of 2-Link Space Flexible
Arm Using Tendon Mechanism

Hui Cao and Kazuo Yoshida

Intelligent Query Processing in Object-Oriented Frameworks Using
a Deductive Approach

S. C. Yoon and L. J. Henschen

VOLUME 2, NO. 3, DEC. 1995

Table of Contents

A Performance Study of Real-Time Optimistic Concurrency Control
with the Knowledge of Execution Time

Chia-Mei Chen, Shyh-In Hwang, and Satish K. Tripathi

A Hard Real-Time Static Task Allocation Methodology for Highly-
Constrained Message-Passing Environment

B. Earl Wells

Dynamically Load Balancing Prioritized Processes in
Distributed Systems

Willard Korfhage

Adaptive Fault-Tolerant Routing in WK-Recursive Networks
Fadi N. Sibai and Li Sun

Machine Vision Versus Spectrophotometric Color Quality Control
Robert Craven, James E. Smith, and William K. Preece

Quadtree Representation and Ultrasonic Information for Mapping
an Autonomous Guided Vehicle's Environment

Eduardo M. Nebot and Daniel Pagac

VOLUME 2, NO. 2, AUG. 1995

Table of Contents

Worm-hole K-Bits Bitonic Sorting Networks and their Multicast Role
Majed Z. Al-Hajery and Kenneth E. Batcher

Parallel Processing the Easy Way: How to Do It and When It Works
Gregory D. Peterson and Roger D. Chamberlain

Mapping Nested Loop Algorithms into Grid-Connected Systolic Arrays without Data Collisions in the Data Links
PeiZong Lee

A Fast Pruned Image Classifier
Mohamed El-Sharkawy, Anurag Bansal, Wasyl Malyj, and Mostafa Analoui

Efficient Method for Solving Constraints in Intelligent Systems
Ilie Popescu and Marek B. Zaremba

Symbolic Representation and Manipulation of Large Neural Networks
Enrico Macii and Massimo Poncino

VOLUME 2, NO. 1, APRIL 1995

Table of Contents

Algorithms for Broadcasting in Faulty Hypercubes
Seungin Park and Bella Bose

Broadcasting in Banyan-Hypercubes and Cross-Cubes
Abdelghani Bellaachia and Abdou Youssef

Efficient Algorithms for Statement Reordering
Venkat Konda and Anup Kumar

Timed Atomic Behavior on POSIX Compliant Real-Time Systems
J. Oblinger, V. F. Wolfe, and L. C. DiPippo

Application of the New Voting Fuzzy Artmap Neural Network to Power System Stability Studies
H. Assadi, M. Etezadi-Amouli, D. D. Egbert, M. S. Fadali, and A. Tan

Arabic Script Recognition Using Hopfield Networks
Hazem Youssef Abdelazim and Ahmed Abdel Maguid

VOLUME 1, NO. 2, DEC. 1994

Table of Contents

Distributed Window Concurrency Control for Distributed
Database Systems

Wiliam Perrizo

A Multimedia Methodology and Architecture for
Computer-Aided Training and Certification

Amir Hekmatpour

Servo Control Using Switches for Control Systems Design
Roland L. Racicot

A Linguistic Geometry for Control Systems Design
Boris Stilman

Real Time Map Construction and Position Estimation for an
Autonomous Mobile Robot using Sonar Sensors

Jong Hwan Lim, Dong Woo Cho

VOLUME 1, NO. 1, AUG. 1994

Table of Contents

Three-Dimensional Reconstruction of Tomato Plants and
Determination of Plant's Bifurcations.

D. S. Delorme, I. Gargantini, P. G. Martin

A Class Based Framework for Re-Use of Synchronization
Code in Concurrent Object-Oriented Languages

Sandeep Kumar, Dharma P. Agrawal

Multi-Resolution Wavelet Decomposition on the MasPar
Massively Parallel System

Tarek A. El-Ghazawi, Jacqueline Le Moigne

Computer Analysis and Synthesis of Discrete Event Systems
in a Temporal Logic Framework

Dan Ionescu, Jing-Yue Lin

Communicating State-Machine Model of Resource Management
in a Multi-Robot Assembly Cell

Dorina C. Petriu, Thomas R. Jones, Emil M. Petriu

Rule Schema + Pule Body: A 2-Level Representation Language
Xindong Wu

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